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We at The Abydos are proud to help you increase your money and set our more than eight years of experience between your hands in different ways to keep up with all interests and situations.

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  • We provide for beginners in digital marketing and SEO Top Free Online Courses that help them skip step by step to create jobs and a source of income.
  • We also offer remote internship opportunities or at our headquarters in St. Petersburg.
  • We offer interns certificates of accreditation and badges that make them certified and qualified to work.
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  • To keep the quality of our service, we have to know what we are experts in, which are three services:
    Search engine optimization services
    Website design services
    Logo design services
  • We offer our three services to all kinds of websites all over the earth and in all languages.
  • We forever strive to build long-term partnerships and collaborations with business owners, companies, tools, applications, and platforms.
  • mutual interests and mutual gain are essential, and we’re
    always trying to create opportunities to collaborate with other companies to help them succeed and help us fill our needs.
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We do not claim experience or excellence. We seek to build cooperation with all specialists, professionals, and experts.
We have ideas that help experts and specialists make annual profits of at least $36,000 for investing some hours of their time, only three days a week.


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Hassan Essam
Hassan Essam Founder of Abydos Seo

Based on many surveys I have conducted on digital marketing and targeted customers, corporate owners, and even beginners who have a passion for learning digital marketing and SEO, it took several months to conclude that we were surprised that there is no specific source either for corporate managers looking for an expert or a specialist to enhance the growth opportunities of their companies or for beginners seeking to learn skills that help them create jobs for them After much thought decided to take the starting step towards the first multilingual open source site to suit both the client and the beginner together.

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