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Beginner's Guide to SEO

Abydos – Beginner’s Guide – to SEO & SEM is a free guide to the world provided by young people from many nations of the world under the leadership of Hassan Essam, SEO Expert & business developer & entrepreneur.

This project is prepared by experts from all over the world such as Egypt, India, Pakistan, Cyprus, Russia, and Morocco.

Our Story

The thinking and planning of our company began when our founder Hassan Essam discovered many open questions and  and conducted many polls over months of continuous work of our team of experts that created our amazing free and unique platform instead of being a commercial platform.

Over years of working experience in digital marketing, we see this as the right time to launch our platform to be a multilingual guide that seeks to help anyone discover the field of digital marketing and Subcategories such as SEO, SEM, and others.

Success is not fluke, but a result of fatigue and strenuous effort.​

Every player or warrior on the team must know that it is impossible to succeed without making a worthy effort, perseverance is sometimes even more important than skill.

Our Approach

to creating and making techniques
And unique products.

Flexible production

We allocate our resources to what matters and move away from adding many useless features. The result is an effective first model in less time, with all the required features.

Small teams

You don’t need an army to find an answer. Sometimes all it takes is just two crazy believers who believe they can change the world.

Continuous reviews

Perfection requires many versions. Since there are a million ways to connect dots, we try different ways to get to the ideal.

Latest techniques

We always get to know the latest techniques. So when we get a new project, we can choose the best and latest methodologies for work.

Innovative value

We never know the principle of copying when working. We help you create a unique business model that helps you thrive in the digital age by taking advantage of the gap in the market, whether in marketing, programming, or design.

We work closely.

No one knows the industry better than someone who has worked there for years. So we work closely with successful partners in realizing their dreams. Together, we plan every pixel and code to match their perfect stories.

Strategy First

It's not about what we love, it's not about what customers want. It's about what users need. When it comes to users, we rely on data, not speculation.


SEO Course

SEO Basic Skills you will learn · Search engine optimization

Knowledge Base

find reference articles that will benefit you to learn SEO

Best Expert Advisor

This will help you stay current on SEO best practices .


  • We provide for beginners in digital marketing and SEO Top Free Online Courses that help them skip step by step to create jobs and a source of income.
  • We also offer remote internship opportunities or at our headquarters in St. Petersburg.
  • We offer interns certificates of accreditation and badges that make them certified and qualified to work.

founders and CEOs

  • We forever strive to build long-term partnerships and collaborations with business owners, companies, tools, applications, and platforms.
  • mutual interests and mutual gain are essential, and we’re
    always trying to create opportunities to collaborate with other companies to help them succeed and help us fill our needs.


  • To keep the quality of our service, we have to know what we are experts in, which are three services:
    Search engine optimization services
    Website design services
    Logo design services
  • We offer our three services to all kinds of websites all over the earth and in all languages.

Monsters Internet Team

Our work inspires smiles.

Faces Behind our success.

Hassan Essam

SEO Expert

Barth Kumar


Mahmoud Seif

Full Stack Web Developer

Anne Zhana

SEO Technician