Best SEO Company in Egypt

Best SEO Company in Egypt
Get the top SEO firm in Egypt.
 Increase your company’s reach and sales by using our top SEO services.  

Are you looking for an SEO agency that is trustworthy to handle your next project? To help you choose the best provider for your SEO needs, we compiled a list of top SEO companies. 

Ranking each SEO company is done using the Abydos methodology, which includes detailed client interviews, ratings and industry research. Compare the top companies to determine which one is right for you. Our vetted list includes top-ranking SEO agencies.

Best SEO Company in Egypt​

How much does SEO cost in 2022?

The price of SEO is dependent on numerous variables. Before deciding on the price, it is recommended that an SEO agency evaluate your current brand recognition and visibility in the organic search along with your goals for the business and your target market.
Pricing also varies based on the experience of the SEO provider. Like many other aspects of life, you pay for what you get for your money. The cost of EG agencies is between $10 and $25 per hour or $1,500-$2,000 per month, but it varies significantly.
Here’s a brief overview of the most essential prices:

Type Cost Who uses it? Pros Cons
DIY SEO Free Solopreneurs Doesn’t cost a dime. You’ll pick up new technical skills along the way It takes a lot of time and effort to master SEO
Cheap SEO $100 to $300 per month Small businesses Affordable service helps you get started with content marketing and basic SEO recommendations Agencies offering cheap deals may lack experience and take risky shortcuts (see below)
Mid-range SEO $500 to $1,000 per month Established businesses A reputable service with more features, such as content and website audits It’s still important to make sure the agency delivers value for money
High-end SEO $1,500-$3,000 per month Websites with high traffic volumes High-end agencies can resolve tech issues and help you with niche marketing Limited pool of agencies with the right expertise
Enterprise SEO $5,000-$15,000+ per month Enterprises with large amounts of content and high traffic Agencies can handle large volumes of content, ensure the site is technically optimized, and handle all SEO needs. You need a dedicated contact or two within your own team, otherwise DIY SEO communication can be a challenge.

Best SEO Company in Egypt

List of The Best SEO Companies | Top SEO companies

Best SEO Company in Egypt​

Abydos SEO (Best)

Hire Best SEO Expert for World class SEO Services in Small Business prices, Abydos SEO to acquire top websites’ rank in various Search Engine results and attain an enhanced audience reach! Skip your competitors one by one until you reach the lead!

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Titan Growth

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Our team works to take market share from your competitors, increase your brand equity, grow traffic from actual prospective customers, and most of all increase your revenue and profit. Scroll down to watch a video of Google talking about us, a video of our team & tech, as well as client testimonials.

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It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Partner with the most proven and trusted digital marketing agency and start overtaking your competitors today.

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Taktical Digital

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites.A team of obsessed, data driven internet marketers who lead companies through the ever fluid landscape of today’s digital medium.

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Big Leap

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Big Leap was founded in 2008 with the sole intention of providing brands with a trustworthy source of organic, sustainable growth. What began as a small one-man startup flourished into the agency we are today with over 80 employees.

rankingsio seo agency for personal injury law firm

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. is the SEO agency of choice for elite personal injury law firms. The best in the industry trust us to deliver the rankings, traffic, and cases other marketing agencies can't.

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SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. SEOValley is one of the most trusted and fastest growing interactive marketing companies serving small to medium size companies worldwide. The company is in operations since 2000.

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Actuate Media

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Our vision is to facilitate data-driven business-to-consumer relationships helping businesses make better digital advertising decisions to gain a competitive advantage within their industry.

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It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Recently voted the #1 Digital Marketing Firm in America. For 4 years in a row, SocialSEO has been one of America's fastest-growing companies, published by Inc 5000. We are your one-stop shop for SEO, SEM, Social Media, Video Production and Email Marketing. We have over 100 employees - all US based.

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Straight North

It is an American company and does not support working on Arab sites. Formed in 1997, Straight North is a full-service internet marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, website design and development, email marketing and graphic design.

Buyer’s Guide

Table of Contents


These are the most commonly asked questions regarding SEO.

SEO isn’t an exact science but we can guarantee results.

How high your website ranks on Google depends on the quality of your business, how many search queries you have, and whether there are any competitors. Each case is different, but we guarantee a significant and demonstrable increase in search engine traffic and ranking.

There are many SEO experts claiming to be able to take you to the top of Google in today’s market. Here are three questions you should ask your search engine optimization specialist before making a decision.

Do they promise you the world?

It’s not uncommon for something to sound too good to be true. It’s possible that a ‘SEO agency” is promising to take you to the top of Google. Google ultimately decides who ranks at the top of search results. We promise to analyze your competitors to find out what works for them, and then create a strategy that will give you the best chance of ranking high in search results. We promise nothing less.

They are super cheap!

Search engine optimization requires constant attention and time. This is not something you can do once and forget about. If a ‘SEO company” offers to manage your website’s SEO for PS100 per month, how much do you think they are investing in your project?

Are they able to provide proof?

These days, talk is cheap in SEO. If you are an SEO client searching for a company that can handle your SEO, it is important to ask proof that they have helped clients increase their Google search rankings. Each SEO agency should have several reviews and testimonials.

Google states that: “it may take time for you see results: typically, from the time you start making changes to the point you see the benefits.

As a rule of thumb, however:

You should allow between 6-12 months for your website to become organically visible and start receiving leads and visitors if it is new.

We can often guarantee an increase in organic traffic if you have a website with traffic.

An SEO strategy is similar to an exercise program. After working out consistently for 12 months, your body will be in great shape. Even if your exercise stops for a couple of months, you will still have a good physique. Over time, however, you will lose some of your gains.

SEO is no different. Your rankings will drop if you stop your SEO strategy, especially if you are competing in the same field!

If you have noticed a decline in your SEO rankings since you stopped your campaign, please contact our SEO team. We will let you know what we can do to fix it.

SEO is not a one-time investment, and it takes monthly effort to maintain a high volume of visitors and solid ratings. Although the amount of work required and the budget we use may differ, SEO work is essential to grow and maintain your online presence.
All SEO contracts require a minimum 12-month commitment.

Book a free SEO consultation (up to 30 minutes) where we’ll discuss your project and how we can get started. Through a voice chat or a Zoom meeting

Our SEO results

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing the amount and/or quality of traffic that comes to the website via search engines via natural search results by increasing the rank of a website’s page within results of a search engine, using meticulous analysis and research methods.

A website must be designed in a manner that is suitable for search engines. If the website is easy to have a website found (read) by spiders that crawl the internet, it will have the best chance of getting excellent rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The most important step in (SEO) involves to know how a spider on a computer operates, Abydos SEO is aware of what spiders are looking for and the strategies they use to give more credibility to.

(Search Engine Optimization) (SEO) assists businesses and agencies not just boost traffic to their websites but also to increase sales from web-generated traffic that are aided by high quality of traffic and the relevance to prospective buyers community.

Abydos SEO is the best SEO agency in Egypt which helps you to get not just traffic and top rankings, but as well leads, sales and even. We are a firm believer in the strategies, implementations, and the reporting of results from SEO which makes us the top SEO company in Egypt.

We’ll start by fixing technical issues, to ensure that bots and crawlers can effortlessly navigate and access your website, which means more visitors can come to your site.

1-Technical SEO:

The first step is an SEO technical audit for your website . This is an essential stage in your SEO process. 

If there are any issues or errors in your site’s technical SEO then it’s likely that your SEO efforts won’t yield the results you expect. 

Technical SEO is the improvement of websites to index and crawl. By optimizing your technical SEO We help crawlers access, access and index your website without issue.

  • 🔴 Web Speed The development and improvement of website speed on mobile as well as desktop devices is a crucial ranking factor as well as for more enjoyable user experience.
  • 🔴 website architecture (UI/UX): The proper website structure helps users to locate what they require on your website and also helps spiders from search engines locate and index all pages of your website.
  • 🔴 Mobile Friendly: Having a mobile-friendly website is essential. Most of your website traffic comes from mobile users, so optimizing the speed of your mobile website is essential to ensure your website’s rankings stay high and increase traffic.
  • 🔴 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS): A secure website is important for SEO. An SSL certificate is acknowledged as an important search engine ranking indicator by Google and other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome use indicators that inform users when an online site is secure. users are becoming aware of.
  • 🔴 Structured Data Markup It is a test to determine whether your websites have schemas that allows crawlers of search engines to comprehend the content of your website and pages. are about, regardless of whether a page is an informative article page or a sales page.
  • 🔴 Robots.txt: A properly optimized Robots.txt file will provide information to crawlers for search engines on any part or content of a website that you would like to be included in search results or not.
  • 🔴 Sitemap.xml: sitemap acts as a table of contents for your site, mapping the arrangement of the pages, sections and other content within your website . It also informs the search engines if there are any changes to the pages of your website.

2-On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing and improving web pages to attract more visitors and increase the site’s ranking on the search engine result webpages (SERP).

  • 🔴 Keywords Strategist: Keywords research shows the top searched keywords and phrases on the internet, about your company or industry that are in line with the search intent of users and competitive keywords analysis is also a crucial component of the development of a keyword strategy.
  • 🔴 Meta Tags Optimized: Meta tags, also are referred to as Meta Titles and Descriptions Meta tags provide data on your site’s pages to search engines as well as website visitors , which are filled with efficient search terms, which don’t show on the site itself, but are used by search engines and users on the search engine result pages.
  • 🔴 internal linking Internal links are an important SEO element and an internal link between a webpage and a link of the same domain an anchor text that is usually targeted keywords can transfer SEO value or internal link juice to one another. It and also allow users to move through the site and create a an efficient indexing process for web pages.
  • 🔴 Headings optimizations The header tags (H1-H6) are used to identify subheadings and headings within your content. They are different from other types of text, providing a keywords-rich context for your text for search engines.
  • 🔴 Content Optimization Making content search engine friendly helps it be more prominent on results pages of search engines (SERPs). Optimizing the elements of your website and filling the content with keywords that are relevant to keywords is crucial to increasing traffic and ranking.
  • 🔴 SEO-friendly URL optimization A friendly URL must include a specific keyword and a well-organized short URL structure. as well as assisting crawlers from search engines to index your site’s pages without issues with coverage.
  • 🔴 Image optimization: Images on web pages are used to send search engine crawlers messages in connection with search queries by sending images, alternative captions, text, and descriptions.

3-Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO is the term used to describe any activities that increase awareness, traffic, or links from websites that contain hyperlinks that link to your site, Link-building is thought to be one of the factors that Google will consider when determining your ranking against competitors. Backlinks are generated by:

  • 🔴 web 2.0 Blogging The technique employed in SEO to generate significant amounts of traffic from referrals to the site for sharing information.
  • 🔴 Local Directory: How to generate traffic by the listing of websites in directories online according to their respective industries.
  • 🔴 Guest blogging: Providing awareness and traffic by publishing blog posts on websites that allow publishers to add hyperlinks to their sites in their article.
  • 🔴 Social Bookmarking Websites that social bookmark are utilized to construct high-quality backlinks. This is a key factor to be in the initial page results for search engines.

Abydos SEO is the best SEO firm in Egypt which provides a comprehensive method to increase and boost the traffic to your site and rank by analyzing and fixing issues with your backend as well as optimizing and improving page performance, and creating an SEO-friendly strategy for content that is targeted to your intended audience. This will increase the number of conversions.

Complete the form below and we’ll respond to you within a few hours with a full proposal.



200+ Reviews


200+ Reviews


200+ Reviews


200+ Reviews

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Trusted by Leaders
Alice Freddie
Alice Freddie
Executive Director
Downtown Arlington
Read More
It is a distinct pleasure for me to recommend Abydos SEO to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our new web site has been overwhelmingly positive; as one commented the site is “FANTASTIC.” The same can be said for our view of Abydos’s work for us.
David Miller
David Miller
Hidden Landscaping
Read More
I have had many websites since the early 90s. Most were like pulling teeth to get developed. Not so with the Abydos team. These guys are true professionals in every aspect. They listened to my needs, offered relevant options, were prompt to respond to all of my questions, and most importantly, they never BS’d me about anything. This is hands down the most productive site I have ever had designed for my company. I will be pursing future projects with them and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a SEO for professional website.
Bradley Asher
Bradley Asher
CCM Construction
Read More
We re-did our website twice in a 12 month period. There was no comparison between the first company and Abydos. Professional, Creative, Attentive to Detail, Excellent Communication…If I had contracted with Abydos the first time I would not have had to do it twice.
William Miller
William Miller
Read More
Since meeting Hassan and working with his company, my web and Internet presence has soared! Prior to working with Abydos I had no web presence and very little experience with sharing my dental office “on-line”. Hassan and his entire team are very knowledgeable, professional, caring, friendly and easily approachable. They are all dedicated to my office success with my website and SEO. My recommendation would be to give Abydos a call and share with them where you want your business to go. They can help take you there!
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