How to Create Backlinks with the Broken Link Building Technique

There are multiple ways of building links, but broken link building is a modern one. It’s a tactic in which a person finds resources in its particular niche that is no longer. It is about the recreation of content and replacing the broken links with new ones. It’s an efficient and powerful way of creating backlinks.

In this article, we will discuss specific techniques that are more useful. Although broken link building has easy techniques, some people still get confused somewhere while building links. Because there are some tricky parts as well.

By following all the techniques, you can make a strong place in the market. Let’s have a look at them step by step.

Top Amazing Broken Link Building Techniques

Broken link building is a smart solution for creating backlinks. Techniques are advanced and cost-effective, which works powerfully in less time.

1. Use of Expired Domains

People ignore it, but it’s an opportunity for creating backlinks. To search for expired domains, we will use some websites such as Flippa, FreshDrop, GoDaddy, and Expiredomains.

Let’s discuss some of them to see how you can create a backlink with them.

  • Expiredomains

Create an account and search for expired domains by using a specific keyword. Take the first 20 domains and search for backlinks. Make a google sheet and add interesting domains.

Now, use Ahrefs to explore any site from the list. In “Site Explorer” paste the link and search. You will find potential domains. Then, click on the backlink button. Pick some higher DP (domain rating) websites by keeping quality over quantity in mind as well. Now contact the website and offer them for replacing links with yours.

  • GoDaddy

It’s a source of deeper search and better performance. Click on “Advanced research”, choose “contains” and type your keyword there. Select all “domain types” and choose 1000 to get monthly estimated website traffic. Click on Run Research and explore the obtained sites by clicking on their links. You can easily look at each site’s backlinks and contact sites as well.

Similarly, you can also use other expired link searching sites.

2. Broken Link Building through Wikipedia

It’s the best source of research for any organic material. Although it consumes little time, it works accurately. You can find the right dead or expired links there.

  • Type “ “your keyword” intext: ”dead/expired link” on google search bar.
  • Click on the relevant site and write dead links in the search box.
  • Now click on any of the dead links; you will see the page doesn’t longer exist.
  • Go to “Wayback Machine” (Website) and paste the link in the search bar. Click on browsing history and you will see the page live.
  • Copy the content link and search on google to make sure it no longer exists.
  • Login to Wikipedia. Do little changes in the article and paste the link at the place of that broken link.

Broken Links Finding Through Wikigrabber

Here, you can find Wikipedia pages containing broken links.

  • Search the dead links by entering a keyword in the search bar.
  • After getting particular links, ask the site about replacing broken links.

3. Dig Deep Technique

If you dig deeper to get more websites, you will create backlinking more successfully.

  • Go to Ahrefs and paste any of the expired domain links from the google sheet list which you created on Expiredomains.
  • Find the domain with high referring, then click on lost links under the backlink button.
  • You will get the excellent broken content. Now you can utilize them.

4. Outdated Content Link Creation Technique

It’s another broken link strategy about finding and revamping outdated content.

  • Go to google search bar, select time range from 1 to 3 years, and paste your certain keyword in the bar. Change the “Tools” category to “Custom Range.”
  • Click on the search button to get the desired results.
  • Go to Neil Patel (site), search broken links. You will find dead links and some outdated content as well.
  • Contact those sites and ask them for replacing their expired links.

5. Search Broken Links on Sites from Your Industry

You might have seen some content is not updated, or some sites are not active anymore.
Search some authority websites (belong to the same industry).
First look at some important search strings.

For Ultimate guide:

“keyword” + “ultimate guide” or “keyword 101”

For Resource page:

“keyword + “inurl:resource”

For Embedded resource page:

“keyword” + “additional resources” or “keyword” + “further reading” or “keyword” + “related links”

  • Now, install “Check My Links” (extension) to google chrome.
  • Use each string one-by-one to get accurate results.
  • You will see the marked links, click one of them. When the site opens, click on “Check My Links.” You will get an excellent number of backlinks.
  • After getting a list of dead links, contact their site owner about replacing content.

You can also find some broken links directly. For this purpose, you need to use some important search strings from above.

  • (keyword) posts (year)best
  • (keyword) blogs to follow best
  • (keyword) blogs to follow + (year)
  • (keyword) blogs top

The search results show outdated content-based links. Click the links, land on the site page, and click on “Check My Links.” Now you can follow the same process of using backlinks.

6. Screaming Frog (Broken Link Checker)

The best tool, which works smartly and accurately. It offers a free and paid version, but you can take start with the free version, which shows up to 500 URLs in the result.

Crawling the Website.

Let’s suppose, you already have a list of broken links through previous methods.

  • Take any of the website links and paste in the search box. Now click on response code.
  • Click on the start button and wait for a little. The website will give you closer results.
  • Go to the filter button and search for “client error” or 4xx.
  • You will get the list of broken links. To examine the links more closely, slide the panel to the right side.
  • Click on links and click “Check My Links” (Chrome extension). In this way, you will be confirmed about the broken link.

7. Domain Hunter Plus (Broken Link Finder)

Another broken link finder and a chrome extension, which works wonderfully to give you accurate results. It not only facilitates a user with broken links but also is aware of the particular site registration as well. It helps the user a lot by keeping them away from time-wasting.

Go to google and install the extension.

  • Visit the particular website from the list and click on extension for the result. You will get the most relevant broken links.
  • Create a google sheet and mention all broken links there to reach them later easily.

8. Dead Link Checker

With this free tool, you can check any page or the whole site as well. You can check up to 2000 websites for broken links.

  • Sign in to “Dead Link Checker.” Paste the site link, fill the captcha and click on search.
  • You will get the list of all broken links on that particular site.
  • Now manually check each broken link to get the opportunity.

9. Canned Response (Gmail Feature)

It doesn’t find your broken links but works as a source of creaking links. It’s about mailing where you pre-write the mail to save your precious time and energy as well.

  • Open your Gmail and click on the gear icon.
  • The setting section will appear. Click on the “lab” button. Click on canned responses.
  • Save the changes and come back to the inbox page. and enable it.
  • Open the message box and click on the arrow on the right corner in the response bar.
  • It will ask you to mention the name to whom you want to send the broken link mail.
    Write your mail and save the setting. You can again send the mail to others by simply editing it a little.

10. Outreach List Making

Sometimes link building becomes hard. For example,

  • The site owner doesn’t understand link building.
  • The owner doesn’t find your article valuable.
  • Some ask for money for building links.
  • The owner thinks that it will be a bothering process.

So, you need to try again without getting stuck. You need to follow the above outreaching rules.

  • By using any of the mentioned tools, create a list of links in the google sheet.
    Search research on each link to get the broken links.
  • Get the site owner information and mail them separately.
  • Note down the day of mailing. In case you don’t get a reply, resend the mail after 14 days.


We have discussed the most preferable and advanced backlink-building techniques. After applying the techniques, you will find them useful for the long term.

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