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Learn to Content Writing​ in coordinated and professional steps

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Internship Content Writer

Abydos SEO offers an unpaid Internship opportunity for students and beginners in content writing and marketing.

Any student or beginner can join this Internship and volunteer with Abydos SEO from home.

Benefits: 😎 😎

Students will receive a certificate after the end of the training period (6 months) as well as the opportunity to network with professionals from around the world.

Application rules ⚡️ 🔥


All nationalities


18 – 25

Content Writing

Learning to Content Writing is no longer a strange word to our ears, as we now find a lot of people looking for jobs related to the field of content writing, but some do not realize what the correct meaning of this word, which has become widespread and widespread to include multiple categories in the field of writing in general but does that mean that Content Writing is easy to learn or not, may not be able to answer this question except those who have already practiced Content Writing for periods Long.

This is the most important thing ever “practice” no one learns everything at once or in a few hours, everything in life needs to be practiced and learned for periods in order to acquire the experiences and qualifications that make him a professional in his field, and this rule also applies to the field of content writing there are already many writers who have the talent to write by nature these are really creative, but on the other hand, we find people who still start learning but over time they get their goal which is Professional content writing, and through Abydos SEO, we will help those who want to learn to write content through this article that will give you the basic steps of this amazing field.

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What is Content Writing?

Although there is a lot of information and data about the field of content writing on the Internet, so far I have not found a comprehensive, formal, and accurate definition of the concept of content writing so and through my practice of content writing for many years, I will present you with the general concept by gathering views on that subject.

Content writing is one of the areas of writing through which the writer edits and formulates words that suit business, in order to have the ability to deliver a particular service to the largest audience and is known as the “target audience”, and also calls content writing “web writing, web writing or web writing”, which is due to the fact that most of the written content is already on the company’s website or is widely distributed through websites The web is different, and can sometimes be found on online channels such as “email, social media.”

Sometimes they have a team of professional content writers and there are others who are content with one writer, and the content must be meaningful and meaningful in order to reach the desired level and attract the greatest audience, depending on the writing style of the content team of a particular place.


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Types of Content Writing: 😎

1. Writing Content Marketing

Writing marketing content is one of the best marketing methods that have come into play in the current era to create and distribute valuable, appropriate and coordinated content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, hence the professional content writer who can attract many customers to the commodity or service he already offers, so we see many pages of large companies displaying great marketing content 100%, and the writing of marketing content depends on the element of creativity and innovation greatly, because this is his basic method Who heading his followers.

It must determine what arouses the curiosity and admiration of its customers, as the attraction here is to heading and put the client first and heading it directly in order to feel that he is heading someone and not just copied words and his subject without purpose, in addition to learning to write marketing content is not vague or difficult, but is the best and easiest type of writing articles or content through which you can list your ideas in a coordinated manner through simple and small words by which you can present your product or the product of the company Through which you work in the best marketing ways.

But you need to go deeper into the understanding of the audience you’re heading so that you can include as many buyers as you can already, not just a fictitious audience, you need to prove yourself here by receiving the largest number of requests for the service you provide, and we will help you more with a comprehensive topic on writing marketing content and presenting a lot of examples of creative content writing.

2. Writing creative content

We’ve already talked in detail about writing creative content and how to become a creative content writer, but let me also explain again what the word creative content writing means is new ideas that are narrated by a writer with a talent for writing by nature, where he can create and present hundreds of new ideas every time he writes the content of any kind, whether poetry, novel, story or content through social media sites, personal blogs and major sites.

Writing creative content is one of the most worthy things to take its rightful place, although the number of content writers in those days, the number of creative and professional content writers is only hundreds of thousands now, if you want to learn to write creative content already you have to review the topic of this section, and you will find everything you are looking for.

Content Writing Courses

A lot of people are looking for a content writing course whether it’s free or paid, or as some call it content writing courses there are those who really want to learn to write the content of different kinds because they want to know more about this field and really like to write, and there is another type that is seen in terms of material profit and it has become a common area especially among social media pioneers who want to work online.

So with the frequent search for courses and courses to learn to write content, there are many people who offer a number of separate lessons through YouTube channels about the way content is written and all that concerns the content in a way that offers these courses free of charge to anyone who wants to learn and it is not completely different from paid courses or courses that cost you a lot of huge amounts all you have to do is search the internet and you will find all you need with the click of a button without having to participate in courses Paid.

Unless you want to go deeper into content writing here you can turn to reliable places to find what you want, and there are also a lot of well-known sites that have shown written courses explaining in detail how to learn to write content you can choose the best ways that will help you understand content writing quickly all the options are available to you.

How to learn the art of Content Writing

Content writing may be easy for its practitioners, but for novice writers, it can be a little difficult as every field or profession at the beginning is a little vague, but through our website, we will give you the best professional way to learn more about the art of content writing, which has become a lot of concern.

Especially after the recent crisis in the whole world and affected many areas of work a good number resorted to online work and in particular increased the demand to learn to write content so follow this method to be distinctive in this field, but you also have to determine the field of Content Writing that you will start to study enough but this is the basic rule of the way the content is written in principle.

  • You have to follow reading and search extensively for all public areas to take a lot of experience and learn new concepts and terminology that increase your ability to practice writing correctly and differently.
  • Be yourself, this is more important in the field of content writing in general, don’t look at others so that you don’t have their style, you have to rely heavily on your culture, style, and ideas in order to have a different character from other writers.
  • Always look next to creativity and new and always try to develop yourself, mind, and mind to always be first and foremost with your creative and different ideas and this is what attracts the audience to your contained.

  • Try as much as possible to avoid the problem of spelling errors, this seems annoying to the reader and this affects your content with great doubt.

  • You should always choose attractive topics and different titles that make your style a powerful attraction or as we call this type of method “out of the box” and do not follow one topic you have to change the topics you write about so as not to get your audience bored.

I advise you to use the following tools when writing content:
  • Google Documents is the best way to write online and save your files, and it’s also free.
  • Google Analytics results in analysis tool: To assess audience interaction with your content and its reach, these results are then used for optimization and modification.
  • Linkedin Analytics results in analysis tool on Linkedin.

  • Headline Analyzer, which helps you analyze and write titles professionally.

  • Buzzsumo tool for the best articles and topics that are most widely circulated and interactive on the web in most areas.