Exclusive Interview with Vishwajeet Kumar Founder of BloggingPond

What’s your name?: Vishwajeet Kumar

From which country are you from: India

Who are you and what are your goals?: I am a blogger and Digital Marketer that help people to become a Blogger Online.

How did you start?:

Blogging is my passion and I understand it when I was in final year of Graduation. In my initial days of Blogging, I am able to generate some sales from affiliate marketing. This really motivates me a lot. So, I decided to choose blogging as full-time career. Frankly speaking, Blogging is not a hobby now days. It is a business model. Blogging has infinite potential to make you financial independent. The situation we currently live in has forced us to do work from home. Blogging is definitely one of the best career option for everyone who wants to build their own empire.

Tell us the journey of your current website:

I have started BloggingPond in 2021. This is my 3rd blog. I have started it to narrow down my niche to users who are looking for tips and tutorials about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and Digital Marketing.

What are previous projects and sites & How was your journey with these projects:

Before diving into blogging, I was just designing websites and install CMS on customers website.

Later when I was in final year of my graduation I came to know about Amit Agarwal founder of Labnol.org. Later I have created 3 blogs but that was unsuccessful. So, I have sold them.

The journey was very amazing, I have learned a lot and it helps me to understand the each and every aspect of blogging. Failure is a journey to success.

Vishwajeet Kumar
Exclusive Interview with Vishwajeet Kumar Founder of BloggingPond 3

What’s your next plan?:

2020 to 2021 is really an unprecedented year for all of us. However, My future plan is to start my own YouTube channel. I am also planning to scale up my blog by adding more problem-solving content.

How do you manage the time to run your blog efficiently?:

I really don’t have any exact timing for my work. However, I wake up around 5:00 AM and use this time to write content for my blog when the mind is fresh and ambiance is also perfect to write content peacefully. In the afternoon and night I work on Promotion activities including social media management. I usually Work 8 to 10 hrs on my blog daily including weekends.

How do you want to improve yourself in 2022?:

My primary Focus is to create more quality and informative content as it plays a great role in developing a blog and bring good readers and increase dwell time on site. My focus will be also creating more backlinks as it is still more challenging task.

Where would you like to be online five years from now?:

I prefer and steady growth. So, from now my primary focus will be improve my earning from blog and in next five years my goal is to reach 6 figure income.

What are the most difficult moments on your site’s journey so far?:

Frankly, I found each and every step of my blogging challenging when I started blogging. I never enroll myself in any coaching programs. I tried everything myself and indeed I failed but I learned a lot from my failures. I have created 3 unsuccessful blogs in the first 2 years of my blogging. I have learned many things from my own personal experiences.

How do you make a profit from your site in 2022?:

My primary source of monetization is through affiliate marketing. I will prefer to scale it up by writing more authentic reviews and also planning to do video tutorials. I am also planning to accept sponsored posts on my blog to leverage my earnings.

What tools should you provide that help upgrade your website?:

The tools I am currently using for my Blog are:

Tips for those who read this how to take advantage of your story to increase their profits?:

When You are new to blogging and have not the enough knowledge then it would be not easy to manage and grow a blog.

I learned this from my failed blogs. You need to provide quality and relevant content regularly to keep your blog alive. Make your blog design professional.

I highly recommend newbies to use premium WordPress themes.

Keep the consistency as it is very important to grow your blog metrics. Make sure your content is helpful to your readers and fulfill what they are looking for.

Feedback or suggestion about me or my platform? abydosseo.com 

I really like your website. you are providing good SEO services and tutorials too.

Final Words

Thanks for inviting me to share my journey