10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

There are plenty of methods you can use to get consistent traffic to your website or a specific product page. Some of the well-known techniques digital marketers use are pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, native advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

All of these methods are effective, but only one way is free and brings in tons of traffic if done the right way — SEO.

Below is a thought-provoking image that will force you to take SEO seriously.

Furthermore, the traffic you receive from an organic search can bring in ideal prospects. Some of you might argue that social media marketing is also free, but you are mistaken.

Yes, it used to bring in an influx of quality traffic, but the method is not viable. Facebook has continually worked to decline the organic reach of your Facebook page or group, making it nearly impossible to generate any traffic through that approach.

There are ways to boost your organic search traffic, and one of the emerging methods is by inserting a video. One of the most-compelling videos that work like a charm is an explainer video. If you are not creating explainer videos, you should strongly consider producing these videos.

You can either create an explainer video by yourself with the help of free software or outsource this task to an explainer video agency. The impressive return on investment from explainer videos has led to an increase in demand for explainer video services. Take a look at some of the best explainer video agencies to get the best value for the money you invest.

How Can Explainer Videos Help Improve SEO Rankings?

You can use explainer videos in various ways that allow you to enhance your organic rankings. Here are the ways explainer videos can help in boosting your SEO outcomes

Search Engines Feature Videos

Google features videos on its search results. Below is a screenshot of the generic keyword “video marketing.”

Explainer Videos
10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Your SEO Rankings 4

When you are optimizing your video for a video platform such as YouTube, your optimization automatically works for Google as well. It is like killing two birds with one stone. The great thing about an explainer video is that there is no end to creativity. Make your video and thumbnail extraordinarily insightful and creative so you can extract searchers to your channel.

Increase Your Chances for Quality Backlinks

There are thousands of websites on the internet, and you cannot expect authoritative sites to link to random web pages without any cogent reasons. You need to provide fantastic information that will add value, not only to your audience but also to the website that is linking to your page.

The explainer video has a fantastic ability to present facts, statistics, and useful insights in an entertaining way, which is appealing for any webmaster. You can publish your explainer video on various video-sharing platforms along with your web pages, which will increase the chances of others finding your video and linking to you.

Transcribing Explainer Videos Allow Search Engine Bots to Rank Your Page For More Keywords

There are many benefits of transcribing your explainer videos. At first, it will enable your users to read the text you are explaining in the video. You can convey your message to your viewers even if they play the video in a mute mode on Facebook.

It will also make it easier for search bots to scan through your text and rank your video for multiple keywords.

Higher Retention Rate

People are more likely to stay on the video until the end if they’re viewing shorter videos. In the case of explainer videos, most of them are shorter in length — usually less than 2 minutes — and these videos are usually straight to the point. Search engines love videos that keep their audience engaged longer.

Better Social Signals

The explainer video is not just for publishing on a single platform. You can use the same video for multiple platforms, which not only broadens your reach but will also increase backlinks and indicates strong signals.

Recently, Google and other search engines have included social signals as a significant ranking factor. By publishing your explainer videos on various social media sites, you will establish yourself as an authority.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Many internet users are eager to consume insightful information in a short time. There are no better ways to meet this need than an explainer video. If you manage to come up with a stunning thumbnail combined with an alluring title and meta description, the searchers will most likely click that link.

The higher click-through rate gives a positive signal to search engines, and they will eventually promote your page.

More Engagement Means Better Rankings

This study below has found that videos get 1,200% more social shares in comparison to image- and text-based content on social media platforms.

More Engagement Means Better Rankings
10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Your SEO Rankings 5

People will not only share your videos but will also like and comment on explainer videos because of the immense value they provide in a short time. Also, they will be willing to visit other pages, such as an opt-in page or a product page, after watching the video, which will improve the performance of multiple pages.

Clearer Voice Will Impact the Voice Search Performance

This study predicts voice search to gain massive momentum in upcoming years. Google and other search engines love videos and media files that have a clear and concise voice. In the case of an explainer video, you offer search engines precisely what they are looking for, making it easier for search bots to understand and rank your page. These days, you should also optimize your website for voice search.

Improve the Value of Your Blog

Gone are the days when a standard text blog used to perform well on search engines. You will not get a desirable return from your investment if the whole blog revolves around text content. It is essential to add media files, such as videos, images, and so on.

You can easily embed your explainer video into your blog, which will tremendously increase its value. Your visitors will probably stay on your blog for at least 2 minutes (assuming your video is 2 minutes long).

If your video sparks the interest of visitors, they may read the whole blog as well.

Improve the Value of Your Blog
10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Your SEO Rankings 6

Increase Your Chances of Convincing Influencers to Share Your Content

It is essential to reach out to other influencers in your industry if you are to increase your chances of enhancing the reach of your video and adding quality backlinks. You should not be too pushy with your emails and direct social media messages, however. Go through the information regarding reach-out strategies if you want to understand more about it.

If you reach out to influencers with explainer videos, they will be more eager to share your content.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Are you satisfied with the quality of our content? I hope the words of this article have made you think a bit about considering explainer videos, not only for promotion but also for boosting your SEO performance.

Many small and large organizations have enjoyed the tremendous SEO boost from explainer videos. You should wait no longer to start utilizing the power of explainer videos. Is there any question you want us to answer? Do let us know by sharing your thoughts with us below in the comments section.

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