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keyword research – Keywords Complete Guide
“Keywords” or semantic phrases or index terms, subject terms, are important when you create a new article, ad, or upload a YouTube video to get more visitors and more profit.
In SEO identifying “keywords” and conducting research on them is the first step in the process of improving search engines for your site, finding relevant keywords
and using them within the content is important in improving search engines to clarify the quality of your content, and how it relates to search terms.
The process of choosing keywords correctly helps you get better rank in search engines and achieve better success in e-marketing
the process of selecting suitable keywords is one of the most important points that help you improve the search engines SEO for your site, in this article you will learn about:
  • What are keywords?
  • The best sites and tools for getting keyword research
  • How to choose the best keywords

What are keywords?

keywords that express the content of your site pages or business activity
and you want to get advanced results on them in search engines, more clearly keywords are the phrases that visitors use in search engines to find your website.

Best Keyword Research Tools

1. أفضل أدوات البحث عن الكلمات المفتاحية لليوتيوب
the tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner.
When you search for a keyword, giving you the free version of the keyword tool up to 750 suggested ready
keywords for each search phrase, unlike other keyword tools, the tool is highly reliable.
You can use the tool for free, even without creating an account.
Are you the owner of an online business, marketer, or content creator?
If so, you probably want to get visitors to your website, read your content and buy your products or services.
The easiest way to do this is to find out what potential readers on Google are looking for and create content on your site about these topics.
keyword tool io tutorial
Every search is an expression of people’s needs, desires, interests, and goals.
Imagine how much your business benefits if you can analyze Google Trends
find search terms associated with your business range, and customize content on your site to meet your customers’ needs.
The tool helps you recognize long, keywords related to any topic by automatically creating Google search suggestions.
Keyword suggestions will be created based on the Google domain and language yourself chosen.
2. Google Keyword Planner
Choose the Right
Luckily, Google has a free keyword search tool and search size that offers you many advantages in the research process
knowing the cost of ads and the price of clicking these keyword CPC keywords.
Fortunately, the Google Keyword Tool masterplan gives you more statistics than ever before
which will help you maintain and improve performance with less effort and less time by finding effective keywords for your business.
3. Google Trends
google trends.png
It’s a tool that shows the most searched keywords and Google trends for a certain period of time, you can learn through Google Indicators the most important keywords of this time
and you can search for keywords and find out related events.
With the relevant searches that Google Indicators and keyword search volume will get, you can quickly come up with ideas for creating future content.
If you’re looking for YouTube Tags, then is designed mainly for YouTube.
When you use the tool to search for YouTube keywords for videos, you’ll know how good this great tool is and how it affects your business.
It’s a completely free tool and supports Arabic, and one of the best tools for getting YouTube keywords.
When you search for a keyword, you’ll see suggestions for keywords.
5. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Ahrefs This a tool the number #1 in the world that you can use for this although it is not free of charge it is the best keyword generating site.
The only reason this tool is placed third on this list is that it’s fully paid.
If you want to get the best tool to get keywords more carefully, use this great tool.
Personally, at Hassan Essam Team, we use this tool in all our businesses.
Ahrefs not only helps you get keywords but also gives you a lot of data that you can use to improve the results of your search engines.
Ahrefs Features
This advanced tool gives you everything you need to get better results in search engines
and get to know your site more accurately in terms of the keywords your visitors use on search engines to find your website.
You can also monitor your competitors more carefully, find out what search terms are, how many external links to the site, evaluate in general, how many site keywords, etc.
If you are an expert in reading data using this tool, you will also be able to identify the faults and strengths of your competitors.
Therefore, you can build on this information and data a good strategy to export in search engines quickly.
If you don’t use Ahrefs, you lose a lot, and if you’re an SEO expert and don’t use it, you lose more and more without hesitation.
The biggest problem for digital marketers is not the tools available, but how to use them.
Ahrefs is one of the best search engine optimization tools (SEO) I have used over the past few years.
Ahrefs has many features that you can lose as you look at your Backlinks number or your competitors, you should look at this tool more carefully.
In fact, the tool helps you know the requirements to touch keywords in search results, as well as help you market content.

How to choose the best keywords

With the types of keywords, one way to always do this is to target long keywords of 3 words or more
long keywords are the best way to appear on the front pages of the Google search engine quickly.
Long Tail Keyword targeting helps you SEO for your site and get results in turn, unlike highly competitive short words that need complex SEO technical strategies.
Why should you use Long Tail Keywords?
When I started the writing journey a few years ago
I made the big mistake of starting to write about the strong “short” keywords, and I wasted many hours and days targeting these phrases.
I did everything you imagine of the SEO rules and search engine optimization controls at this time and the result was nothing.
The reason for the simplicity was that I targeted a keyword such as “courses- marketing” and this type of word is very competitive for new sites or emerging blogs.
If you have limited capabilities in your SEO budget, you should initially target long keywords and the title of your article itself should be “integrated master search term.”
There are several levels of “Keyword” keywords in terms of an easy way to rank, which are as follows:
Very difficult.
If you start a new site you can’t target words from a very difficult or difficult level, you should choose words from the easy level and then the average level before thinking about the higher levels.
For example:
The best SEO company in Egypt (easy).
Best SEO Company (Medium).
SEO Company (difficult).
SEO (very difficult).
More clearly when you create the article and index it in google search engine you will find
for example, that your rank on the words “Best SEO company in Egypt” number 70
so you will find your rank on the second phrase further for example “90”, the third “120”, and the fourth “200”.
If you get Google’s #1 ranking on the phrase “Best SEO Company in Egypt,” your score will rise on the word “Best SEO Company”, and you will rise on the rest of the words in turn.
You’ll find that you need a strategy, a very simple effort, and a short time to get a rank on the phrase “Best SEO company in Egypt.”
When you get a rank on the easy ferry you will get even a small number of visitors that will help you work on the second and third ferry and so on, how is that?
In fact, due to high-quality content, you can’t get arrangements with bad or poor content, and if you get rank that will go down again.
If you’ve created better content from competing sites, and your purpose is to actually serve the user
it will definitely help you get rank easier than you expect.
How keywords are written and used
Google’s search engine became smarter than before, and until the beginning of 2018
repeating keywords in text (within content) could have affected Google’s site rank.
But at the end of 2018 and early 2019, Google incredibly developed its own search algorithms, becoming smarter.
You should use keywords properly within the content of your page:
In the title of the page.
At least once in proper description.
The use of targeted words in the content appropriately for the user does not require to be in high proportions.
Always remember that you write for your target audience and not for search engines!
Wrong practices for using keywords
There are many wrong uses of keywords to be observed as follows:
1. Keyword Stuffing
One of the most dangerous practices of Seo is to place keywords randomly and non-purposely for the user
meaning refining keywords in a way that is not important just in order to get a better Rank in search engines.
Google can identify the content of your page by placing the keyword in the title, and in content normally, you will simply be punished in a short time
and perhaps with impunity, you will find a decrease in the number of visitors without any declared reason.
2. Stuffing Keywords through descriptions and photos
Some believe that filling images with keywords to circumvent search engines is still effective for better Rank in search engines
which is one of the most dangerous ways you can follow, leading you to effectively collapse ratings.
3. Hide keywords inside the page
Someplace keywords are hidden inside text on web pages
for example, putting keywords in the same background color as the page on the last web pages or anywhere else within the page
this practice is also dangerous and should not be done.
You have to keep in mind that you are writing for the user and not for search engines, and this does not prevent attention to your search terms, this is very important.
Abydos SEO – Hassan Essam
In this explanation, we have clarified the concept of keywords and the best ways to use them within the content
that fit the concepts of SEO white hat, and we have also explained how to get ready-made keywords.
If you have any questions you can put them in the comments and we will respond to your questions if you are having any problems feel free to contact us for help.

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