Exclusive Interview with Sayem Ibn Kashem Founder of FacileWay

What’s your name?: Md. Sayem Ibn Kashem

from which country are you: Bangladesh

Who are you and what are your goals?

First of all, thanks Hassan for choosing me to list on the 100 success stories program. Hello everyone! I am Sayem Ibn kashem, A blogger & affiliate marketer from Bangladesh. I am the man behind FacileWay.Com. The purpose of this blog is to help newbies to launch their first business online through WordPress, SEO and how they can monetize their website with profitable ways.

How did you start?

I was inspired by one of friends named Istiak Rayhan. The founder of Ultimate Blocks, WP Table Builder, WP Coupon & Deals and the Roadtoblogging.

Tell us the journey of your current website

After completing MBA, I joined a company as Accounts Officer. I have learned about blogging things from 2015 but could not take my first initiative as I had lack of time and lack of proper knowledge to get started. In 2018 I have decided to start FacileWay. After starting the FacileWay, I have learned one thing that It does not add any value if you just learn something without implementing.

What are previous projects and sites & How was your journey with these projects

FacileWay is the only website I had. I am still working on this website so that the readers in my niche get all their desired solutions. Besides, I am working on two other amazon affiliate website that is generating a decent amount of money.

Sayem Ibn Kashem 1

Sayem Ibn Kashem

What’s your next plan?

My next plan is to exploring new niches. I am already working on this. There are many niches that is not touched yet but have a huge potential. If you can find out the your next project and work on it properly, you will never need to look behind.

What is your perfect work environment?

The ideal work environment for me would be one that fosters empowerment and growth at every level, as well as a positive work-life balance

How do you manage the time to run your blog efficiently?

I don’t live a very strict life. Whatever I do, I keep 3 hours free to work on my blog. It can be 10.00 PM to 1.00 AM or 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM. Anyways three hours of working is the minimum time I spend for my website. I work more than 3 hours maximum time. I don’t recommend anyone to be like this. Because if you want really success in life, you have to maintain a strict life. Just follow the people who are ruling the world, You will know what you need to do. Three hours of work won’t bring you success. I can’t say I am successful yet. I don’t define success just by having so much money. Success is a journey. It’s not a destiny. Like once I had to spend more than 8 hours on my websites. Now I have team who do it for me. Having team is success for me!

How do you want to improve yourself in 2022?

I am kinda introvert. I think this is my weakest point. That is why, I am ashamed of go public, talk on a Facebook live, starting a YouTube channel and so on! So I was thinking of overcoming this weakness this year.

Where would you like to be online five years from now?

I wanna just keep the flow of my work on. I don’t expect so much thing in life. Doing something consistently is the key. I wanna stay consistent and let’s see where my consistency take me to.

What are the most difficult moments on your site’s journey so far? 

Starting! The starting is the most difficult phase for me. Once I started the journey with FacileWay. The other things happened reverentially. Always remember 1>0! So taking the first step is difficult. It’s true for me, for you and for everyone!

How do you make a profit from your site in 2022?

My most income are generated from affiliate marketing.

What tools should you provide that help upgrade your website?

I am thankful to the tools like Surfer SEO, SEMrush, Google Docs, Grammerly. There are other tools also included. But the mentioned tools are always on my go to list. I can’t think my blogging without these tools!

Tips for those who read this how to take advantage of your story to increase their profits?

Make a list of your weak points. Overcome the ugliest weakness first. Trust me, it won’t take so long to get success.

Feedback or suggestion about me or my platform? abydosseo.com

I have explored AbydosSEO for a while. This is website is amazing. Highly recommended for them who wanna learn SEO from scratch

Final Words

Thanks everyone for your patience. Keep learning, then think of earning. Knowledge is power.