SEO For Beginners

1. What is SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO Definition: SEO is an abbreviation for Search engine optimization, a collection of activities that we do in terms of creating good content and site design, defining business strategy, and how to produce content to get a better place in Google search results and attract more visitors to the site.
Another definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that the search engine likes to view it as a higher result of searches around a particular keyword.
There are many factors affecting the optimization of SEO search engines, starting with keywords used in text
And content down to links that refer to your site from other websites, all these factors are determined by Google
Within Google’s search algorithms, Google has very complex algorithms to determine how good web pages are and how they relate to search queries, see how Matt Cutts, describes how the Google Index works in the following video:

2. What is the importance of SEO?

Most Internet users find their needs on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so improving SEO search engines is the key to getting more visitors.
In addition, search engines provide what users are looking for, so customers will have more confidence in sites that
present in the preliminary results, which shows what SEO experts deserve and why
The keywords that users are looking for in Search Engines are important, and experience has shown that attracting
A lot of visitors through Google can ensure the success of any company.
So you always need SEO to constantly configure your website for search engines, we’ll try in this guide to view
The most important and best practices in order to increase your experience in SEO to get a better position in the search results

3. What is SEO kinds

Where SEO is split into three sections, which is?
1- optimization internal search engines On-Page SEO: optimization on-Page SEO internal search engines are also known as internal SEO, which are better web page improvements for search engines and users for more traffic and more visibility, internal SEO processes include everything related to title tags, content, internal links, and improved web links.
2. optimization external search engines Off-Page SEO: When we talk about optimization external search engines, we mean trying to focus on putting our content and website from the perspective of others, i.e. places, where we don’t normally, have full control.
3- Technical SEO: In fact, technical SEO has several different levels and you need to think about your own and check everything related to the site, there may be some things you may not be able to do at the moment but you should follow the rules and work on improvements continuously.
4- optimization of local search engines Local SEO: Local SEO helps you get customers from your business area to serve customers according to specific areas.
We will talk about the factors of the first section, which is to optimization internal search engines on-Page SEO:
Choose the right keywords
Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO, the phrases you plan to target
To get them to the top of the search results, choosing the right keywords is the first part to start SEO shape correctly.
Google Keyword Chart helps you choose the right words for your business or business,
It also provides you with more data on word ideas, search sizes, and other important information.
In fact, there are many tools to help you do keyword research:
1- Moz Keyword Explorer
2- Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs
3-Keyword Tool by cognitiveSEO
4- Ubersuggest
5. Google Indicators
6- KWFinder
There are many and many tools that help you with this task, each tool is different from the other in the advantages and characteristics.
The important factor in SEO is to choose the right keywords that you can compete with other sites, there are some types of Keywords that may be very competitive.
Before choosing difficult or easy keywords, you should ask yourself several questions:
  • Are you an expert on this?
  • Will you offer better quality content than current results?
  • What is the cost of this content?
  • What time is required?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy that is appropriate for the amount of competition in the market?
If you’re competing for hard-level words, you might need other types of marketing, such as SEM search engine marketing using Google Ads, you might need YouTube ads, maybe going beyond reviews and recommendations about your business products.
These words can need an additional cost to create content, perhaps also some extra time.
The phrase may be easy and doesn’t need all of that, and the principles of optimization basic search engines may be enough,
But be careful and measure the difficulty of keywords correctly because competition is not what it always looks like through tools.
To illustrate more, many beginners in the SEO field search for keywords on which the competition scale is zero, after which he writes good and long content about these words and the result is nothing.
While another you can write about a keyword with higher difficulty, for example, 10 on the same website, and get better results and rank .
You should study keywords according to competitors and the facts showed before determining whether or not you will compete for these words.
Look at this picture well:
This image contains an analysis of the difficulty of words using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for both:
  • make money online
  • E Marketing
  • Seo
Keywords Explore 5
  • The difficulty of competing for the term how to make money online 79.
  • And the difficulty of competing for the term e marketing 33.
  • Then the difficulty of competing on the phrase Seo 96.
This means that competition for e-marketing is much easier than competition for e marketing and SEO.
The real reality is that competition for these terms is not what you seem to be from analytical tools, and if you study and analyze well any phrase you will find it different from reality.
You may find a phrase with 0 in terms of difficulty competing but in fact, it may be difficult or average between 20 and 50.
Tools are always automated and may mistake or neglect some important Seo factors if you are dealing with a specialized Seo expert that will greatly benefit you in the process of studying the appropriate keywords.
There are some things you should think about when targeting keywords, the most important of which are Meta Tags:
Page Title
Page Title is the first guide to the content of your page, the page address helps Google know the underlying topic around the page, the title must be clear, accurate, and purposeful.
Description of the page (Meta Description)
Meta Description is the second guide to your page theme, you should use the keyword within the description, don’t forget to write a great and attractive description of the page and describe the content that exists in a real and accurate way.
Page URL
Using the target phrase in the page link generally helps search engines make sure the subject and content of the page will be good, keeping URLs short and clean.
Using keywords in subheadings is good for the subject of the page, but beware of stuffing the keyword in subheadings, if they’re not using that keyword fillers don’t use, you might be punished by the Google Web Spam team.
User Experience Experience
A 2019 Search metrics report on Google’s ranking factors showed how important the user experience is on websites measured by RankBrain.
To simply illustrate it, RankBrain learns how users interact with search results and the results are classified accordingly.
If users click on a result and immediately return from the site, where the site begins to lose order, but if users click on a result and spend time on the site, the site will start to gain more ranking and maintain its website, all based on the user’s experience.
Keep in mind that Seo goal is to improve the user experience and not anything else, under this title everything revolves around Seo:
  • Create high-quality content.
  • Easy to move.
  • loading speed.
  • Compatibility with mobile.
  • Create clear contact pages.
  • Meet search goals.
  • And a lot and a lot of factors.
Google Analytics helps you measure the user experience on the site by analyzing visitor traffic bounce rate, website survival rate, and pages from which visitors leave quickly.
In fact, the lower the bounce rate you have, the better the user experience, try also to imagine the user experience that competing websites receive for you.
Design is one of the powerful factors affecting the user experience, choosing the right design, colors and views can bring you a great experience.
Create high-quality content
The content is king! Are you sick of that phrase? In SEO content is king!
If you want to get a better rank in search results and the success of all your other efforts in SEO you must create high-quality content, all that is on the site is the content of photos, video, written text and anything that appears to the user is content, and it must be of high quality.
In fact, the process of creating good content needs more effort and maybe more cost,
So you can’t succeed without creating high-quality content, especially with RankBrain machine learning technology launched in 2015 and then Google BERT powerful update in late 2019 that helped Google understand the context of the language.
If we put Rank Brain next to Google Burt, it would be almost impossible to get rank with low-quality web pages and quality-based content!
Steve Rayson, the founder of BuzzSumo, recommends creating long and comprehensive publications on any topic you write about.
In its 2018 Content Trends report, BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million articles published in 2017 and discovered some interesting things about social engagement, viral posts, and the type of content that has power and power.
Some sources help you create high-quality content:
  • Piece of Content Your Audience Really Wants to See
  • How to Create High-Quality Content
  • The Nine Ingredients That Make Great blog posts
Update content
Content Update – Hubspot has made an assessment this year that once again showed that frequent deployment improves Google’s rank.
However, publishing new content is one way to refer Google to content update, there are a lot of things you can do with the old content you’ve already posted to make it new and relevant.
For example, Brian Dean of Backlinko has published only about 30 articles in two years, however, he keeps all his articles up to date by rewriting them and adding new information.
While publishing is important daily, you can still get great results by publishing once a month as long as your content is comprehensive and in-depth.
Search Intent (search intention)
The user’s intention plays an important role in the order process, what is the purpose behind the user’s search query,
Is it buying – getting information – getting a phone number or address.
In fact, search Intent’s intention has caused a sensation in the world of search engine optimization in 2019, simply because content that does not match the purpose of the search will not be ranked.
Before creating new content about the keyword, you should think about the user’s goal behind the Search Query after selecting the goal of the search, and then you must create your content to meet the goals of the words you want to arrange in SERPs search results.
You can also modify old pages to make them better searchable, which will help you enhance SEO and improve your overall user experience.
Sources that may help you understand Search Intent:
  • What is Search Intent?
  • How to Use Search Intent for Your Business?
Domain Authority
In fact, the higher your range strength, the more useful it is in SEO, and many believe that Domain Authority
It’s just about building links, but maybe that’s before the launch of domain authority 2.0, which is a lot like Google E-A-T standards.
If you’re going to improve all search engines correctly, you’ll find that your range strength is increasing, then it certainly affects
On the strategies of the external SEO in the strength of the range as well.
If you follow Moz guidelines to increase range strength, Moz is not just an SEO toolkit, it’s one of the biggest sources of SEO learning.
Tools to help you measure Domain Authority:
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Free Domain Authority Checker
Use schema structured data
If you go to a (new somewhere) you will always need more traffic signs that will guide you your way correctly, this is the same situation with organized data.
They are guidelines that help Google search reptiles understand the content of your site when they can distinguish everything
Then find out about your content sections, which will certainly help you develop and access facts in an orderly and meaningful manner.
But don’t use the wrong signals! This means that you should not add Schema product tags, for example, to a web page describing a restaurant, which will mislead Google, which negatively affects all your activities in SEO.
Featured Snippet (Result 0)
According to SEMrush, up to 8.38% of all search results are a unique extract,
Premium excerpts get a lot more clicks than score 1#.
Featured excerpts are short excerpts from the content of the page that appear at the top of Google search results in order to respond quickly to the researcher’s query.
featured snippet.png
source: Backlinko
Content that appears inside the featured snippet is automatically pulled from web pages in the Google Index. Common types of featured excerpts include definitions, tables, steps, and menus.
Featured snippets affect the improvement of search engines in two ways:
First, premium snippets are an opportunity to get more clicks from free search results.
Without a higher Google ranking.
In fact, many SEO experts refer to the excerpt box marked as “Score 0” because it appears higher than the traditional position
Number 1. Writing premium content and paying attention to different SEO rules will greatly help you get unique boxes in Google,
Keep in mind that you must be classified on the front page of 1-10 in order to get the chance to get a special excerpt.

How do you find special Featured snippets?

Not all words generally appear in Featured snippets.
There are Featured snippets and types of content
Go to Ahrefs

Then put your Website or the Website of a competitor and therefore:

Organic keywords

You’ll see a full list of Organic Keywords that appear as featured answer boxes in Google Results

Copy any snippets you want, go to the competitor occupying the snippets, review the snippets it serves within your page and try to make it better.

Internal links
Internal links are a simple concept, and everyone has to do it, but in fact, the best practices for internal connectivity are very difficult, they are simple but important.

Most “strong information” and effective strategies on internal linkages are nothing more than sophisticated theories.

The basic theory is: internal link enhances the total value of improving websites, and the internal link does so by providing clear paths for bots, long user sessions, and an interconnected network of pages and articles.

Here are several ways to upgrade the internal link on your site:

Create a lot of content

In order to create a lot of internal links, you must have a lot of pages on your website,

The first step towards a strong internal connectivity strategy is to have a great content creation strategy, you can’t get one without the other.

When you create a lot of content, you’ll have a lot more content associated with it, the more links to pages, the better the internal linking.

Use Anchor Text

In line with the content theme of internal binding, internal links should use link text instead of associated images.

Image links are fine, provided that images are not the main source of links, and the image must be marked correctly.

Deep Links

The deeper the links, the better.

Home, most sites have too many links to the home page, you should strengthen the internal pages to generally improve SEO in your site, instead of showing more links to the home page.

Use natural links

Internal connectivity requires a user-focused approach rather than search engines to add value and real information,

The link value spread throughout the site is secondary to this key point of “providing additional value to the reader.”

One of the real benefits of internal connectivity is that it improves user interaction on your site where when a user sees a text link that matches the subject of the content, they are likely to click on that link.

It can be an external link, as long as it is something the reader will be interested in, if it is internal, the visitor will stay on the site for the longest time.

Dave Davies, in his article on Search Engine Watch, raised a good point:

When you place a link in your content, you tell the engine that the purpose of your link is so appropriate and important that you want the visitor to click a link and move on to it.

Basically, what you’re connected to is so likely relevant that the visitor may want to stop what they’re reading now and move on to the next page.

Links within the content are a powerful signal to both the search engine and the user that the content you connect to is really good and has value to review.

Readers want it, so the internal binding helps the reader, but you help you in SEO too.

Use related links

Don’t just tie up for binding. Instead, link to content related to the source context.

In other words, let’s say I have a page on my site about dog food, and I have a page on my site about parrot habits.

Do I have to tie the pages?

There is no strong relationship between dog food and parrot habits, as these pages will not provide a mutual enhancement of internal binding.

But, if I have a page about dog habits, it might be a great internal link to the dog food article.

As much as possible, link the relevant content.

Site loading speed

Forever the speed of loading the site and web pages in SEO will affect very important, in fact, the process of loading pages does not affect only the SEO! It’s about everything.
The speed of loading affects survival rates, bounces, conversion rates, profits, and everything related to your business, on the one hand.
On the other hand, if you have a better load speed than competitors, you’ll have an advantage over them, if you’re equal to everything.
And got the best loading speed you’ll definitely get a better order.
You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to help you solve loading speed issues on your site.
See how fast the site loads, if you’re using WordPress see The WordPress loading speed
Fix Search Console errors
You should follow google Search Console on a daily basis where if you find any errors that must be fixed immediately, in fact, if you stay for a long time without errors you will notice a big difference in your ranking, this is very important.

Top Free Website Speed Test Tools

Google loves organized, ranked, and error-free websites! Very serious errors, for example:

Incompatibility with the phone

If you have any problem facing your pages with the phone you should fix it immediately،
After the update of the Google Mobile-First Index, the problem of incompatibility with mobile devices has become very serious.
You can use the mobile fit test tool to see if there is any problem.

Speed problems

If you see speed issues in red, you should take care of them.

Security issues

Site security issues may negatively affect site improvement if you see any security issue
You should get rid of any bug that affects the security of users’ information on your site.

Follow-up Manual Actions report

It’s one of the biggest problems you might have, which means Google has taken tough manual action on your site,
In fact, if you follow the good steps of SEO, you will not be exposed to this problem.

Optimization of external Off-Page SEO search engines:

The Backlinks:
Inbound Links are always useful in SEO, they give more value to websites,
More external ties mean more confidence.
Websites that receive many incoming links (BackLink) are likely to rank higher in search engines, mainly, telling incoming links crawling programs that your website is a reliable source on a particular topic.
So the more links you get (links from another page outside your site) from high-quality and reliable sites,
Your website will be better ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Search engines do not treat all kinds of external links in the same way, and incoming links are not their only ranking factor,
Social media sites may help you better improve your website externally.
Building links are very important, but you shouldn’t focus on them and forget good content! Watch this point.

How do you boost Google’s trust in your site?

Here are ways to increase Google’s trust rate:
Create an About-us page:
Create a who we are on your site page and clarify important information about your activity and website, the page must be clear and easy to access from all pages of the site.
Create a Contact-us page
Create the site’s communication page, explaining all the means available so that visitors can contact you, make it clear, easy, and on the entire pages of the website.
Create the Terms of Service & Privacy policy page:
One of the most important pages that webmasters actually neglect must contain all the policies you make on your site, which should also be on the entire page of the website as well.
Author Name
Inside the articles, the page makes sure that the author’s name is in each article, clarifies the author’s information.

The most important updates for Google:

Google E-A-T :
Have you ever heard that term? Sure thing! It’s an important Google update.
In the past, you could appear on Google in short periods, but now the process of getting a good ranking in Google’s SEO search engine needs credibility, power-building, and confidence in your field.
When Google made this update, it hit more health-related sites than sites in other areas, while Barry Schwartz called it a medical update.
Although this update has affected many health sites, it has also hit many other sites that can be classified under what Google calls YMYL.
YMYL is a quality rating for content that means”your money or your life.”
In this case, Google is not only interested in providing relevant information — it also wants to provide the right and secure information to users.
Neil Patel has provided a great explanation in this video about Google EAT:
With certain types of searches, there are a large number of SEO search results that may adversely affect users’ happiness, health, or money.
So, when it comes to health, financial problems, and safety,
Google does not want to provide links to pages that share incorrect tips, opinions, or potentially fraudulent websites.
Google wants to make sure as much as possible that it delivers results that offer a high level of experience, authority, and trust expertise-Authority-Trust! It’s Google’s way of protecting users from low-quality content that is likely to hurt them.
It’s also best to see Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to better understand Google’s E-A-T algorithms
SEO always looks for users if you want to get a high rank in Google search results you should put the user in front of you in everything, high quality is essential for Google.
In the event of a new update on Google, I will update this guide with any important information or steps to help you with SEO better, we will always develop our SEO guide to keep pace with the latest developments in SEO technologies.
Hassan Essam of Egypt wrote this article for you.
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