What is a SEO Consultant?

In a nutshell an SEO consultant role is to assist your business be discovered but what exactly are they doing and what are you looking for when you hire one?

A SEO or search engine optimization SEO consultant is a person who has a specific set of expertise in the field of digital marketing.

On a high level the job of SEO is to draw in to convert and make you visible at the top of Google search, which means they employ a variety of SEO strategies, with the primary purpose of attracting the right audience through search engines, and encouraging the audience to become customers.

It takes lots of strategy, planning as well as creativity and execution. What exactly are their responsibilities and what are the most important things to consider when selecting your next SEO expert?

Goals of an SEO Consultant

Another approach to consider the consultant to search engines’ goals you should ask yourself: What is the reason I am giving this individual money? Goals will vary according to the needs of the client however, my goals for my clients generally are as follows:

  • Help you get noticed by your clients. My personal favorite is what’s the purpose of spending time, effort and money on high-quality websites and great content in the event that no one can locate you? An SEO expert can provide concrete suggestions to increase the number of visitors from organic searches.
  • help you remain on top in the market. If you’re not making use of SEO this is one less thing you’re competing about.

    Consider Google as a piece of land. You are only able to build a limited number of homes on the area. The more houses are owned by you, greater money you can accumulate. The same applies to SEO The more real estate for search engines your own the greater chances you will have to build wealth.
  • Help you remain relevant online. Did you ever hear the expression that you’re out of view out of mind? If you’re not ranked highly for the most important keywords that are targeted and your clients don’t even think about your site. They aren’t aware of what they don’t know.

    It’s also possible to imagine this as the magazine. The person who’s on the cover has greater exposure and is more important as compared to someone on page 99.
  • Aid you in making decisive next-step business decisions. SEO and analytics are inextricably linked. A SEO consultant will find out what’s working and not, and then modify their strategies.

    The monthly reporting is part of all of our SEO consultation packages as we must show our clients the importance of our work as well as what they should expect from us in the future using information. Most of the time it’s all about data!

SEO Consultant Job Description

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process of training and testing, so how do you locate an expert SEO consultant? Whatever the role title, SEO consultants will usually be able to accomplish these things:

  • They stay up-to current on the ever-changing SEO sector. SEO has changed in the past and will continue to change into the future. A SEO professional will stay current with research and be aware of new developments in the field.

    Every day is a new day without me hearing about an release from Google and I have to think about what it means for my clients, their websites and online exposure.
  • They are able do keyword analysis. This is the basis of content marketing and SEO. Making the right choice of keywords could make the difference between being discovered on search engines or not being found.

    Each consultant will have a different method of how they conduct their keyword research. That is fine, however, ensure that you locate a company who has a solid method and can clearly explain why they chose the specific keywords.
  • They are able to optimize content on websites (aka On-page optimization). After the keyword research has been completed the SEO consultant must know how to incorporate these keywords to all the pages on your site.

    One of the new things we’re adding into our content optimizations is NLP (natural processing of language) These are keywords as well as entities that aid search engines better comprehend the meanings and concepts that you’ve included on your site.
  • They are able to identify technical problems that are impacting the site. A SEO consultant must be able to perform a technical audit and collaborate with developers of websites to correct the issues.

    It is an extremely important aspect of SEO because it allows search engines find and index pages on your site. You could have the most amazing information on the planet however you’re at risk of not being seen by search engines if you can’t get access to it.
  • They can analyze the analytics and suggest the next steps. SEO isn’t a do the goal and then forget about it kind of strategy for digital marketing.

    Sometimes, our suggestions don’t change the direction of things however, you must collaborate with an SEO specialist who knows how to analyze platforms like Google Analytics, interpret data and offer actionable next steps to boost website traffic.

    It’s about testing to determine what’s working or not for every business.

Skills an SEO Consultant Should Have

There are a myriad of types of search engine optimization experts that specialize in just a few areas of SEO and others attempt to concentrate on particular areas. This is fine, particularly given the vast of ground to cover within our field.

It’s not always about matching the correct SEO professional with the needs of your business however, there are some skills each of them must possess and that is the following:

  • Experienced for years. The longer an SEO specialist is in the field and the more experience they’ve gained. This is typically the case, though it’s this is not the case all of the time, nevertheless, the odds are that they’ve dealt with a lot in the past and have instances to demonstrate it.
  • They’ve demonstrated results. A SEO expert should be able provide cases studies that show the ways they’ve assisted businesses similar to that of yours previously. They must be able to prove that they’re results-driven and are able to help you increase the ROI of your business. Don’t be afraid to request references!
  • Ability to perceive the bigger image. SEO campaigns are generally long-term. An effective search engine optimization consultant must be able to perceive the bigger picture when recommending campaigns and explain the benefits that their efforts bring in in a concise and clear manner.

    They must be able to comprehend how their work affects and can be integrated with other strategies for marketing like social media, public relations web development, etc.
  • Create customized methods. While some businesses might have similar needs for SEO however, there isn’t a one universal plan. Your company is distinctive and needs a customized strategy to help you move the needle.

    This differs from the templates that are available. Sometimes , those templates perform, and other times they don’t. This is why you will be hearing success stories as well as horror stories.
  • Define the benefits. For many companies, they are aware that SEO is crucial to have their site listed in Google results, but they don’t understand what’s about it or what it is that they need to convey to the leadership and management, which is okay. A SEO consultant knows how present SEO to customers in order to show the value of SEO.

After you’ve learned more about the necessary skills The following step would be to find out how to choose the best SEO expert. I highly suggest you speak to several different SEO consultants to determine which one is the most effective for you, and that includes us!

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What is a SEO Consultant? 2

We have more than 8 years of expertise with SEO consultation. If you have any questions regarding investing in your company with top-quality search engine support we invite you to give us an email or call.

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