Write for Us

Contribution reception policy

The site “Abydos” is based on its mission, which is to try to enrich content and provide the opportunity to publish talented and serious writers and works that add to the reader, so the site welcomes the reception of the work of writers and readers who want to send their contributions, from opinion articles, reports, analytical articles or translations.

The site does not publish all the works it reaches but selects the site to achieve its goal of enriching English or Arabic content, and may therefore require some modifications from the author before publishing.


Contribution evaluation standards

1. The number of words is not less than 500 words and not more than 1500.

2. The length of the title does not exceed 50 characters.

3. The article is written in classical Arabic and is characterized by the integrity of the language and the clarity of meaning.

4. The article provides an addition in its subject matter, both in presentation and narrative and in the article by research and analysis.

5. The article is well divided into paragraphs so that it is easy to see and read.


How to send

Contributions to the Write@abydosseo.com email in the Word file are sent by the following criteria:

– 20p font for article title, 18 pixels for subtitles, and 16p for paragraphs.

– Add the author’s name and link his account to the lights if he has already published with us.

Add a summary of the article in 50 words.

If the author is sent for the first time, if the publication is approved, we send a form to register the membership, please complete its data and comply with the image standards as described inside them, so that publication is not delayed until it is refilled.


Abydos SEO Obligations

1. Respond to the author within 7 days of the date of the article being sent, by accepting publication, apologizing, or requesting a particular amendment, and with regard to articles related to urgent events, the letter may be addressed as “urgent” if the article sent must be answered before that period, explaining the reason for the urgency, and note that the use of that address without need may inadvertently lead to the omission of the author’s requests.

2. We modify the article only to fix language errors or add stylistic improvements, coordinate with the author in case of major changes, and the site reserves the right to modify or process the address in accordance with the special editorial code or in line with marketing objectives.

3. The site is not required to publish the article after it has been approved in any particular section of the site.

4. The site is not required to pay financial rewards for contributions sent via email.