Writing content: 10 Ways easy to Write High-Quality Content

Writing content: 10 Ways easy to Write High-Quality Content
Have you ever asked yourself what product Google offers its customers?
Yes, content! Google as a search engine that always tries to deliver high-quality content and represents real value to its user (Google client) is its source of profit.
Google search engine does not try to make it harder for owners and webmasters.
The search for any keyword for Google is a product that will be offered to the “search engine user” customer.
It’s always clear from SEO updates that Google is looking for how to give a good product to its customers, why don’t you do the same?!
Content is a product that you offer on your website, you have to make good content to gain more confidence and therefore more customers.
You need to stay away from the SEO legends that webmasters still use, which have become finished and contrary to SEO concepts.
To rank first at Google and all other search engines, you have to write good and valuable content that helps you top.
  1. It’s not about the number of words and the length of the content.
  2. It’s not about repeating keywords.
  3. Quality and a good user experience are your way to google.
You don’t write articles just to fill your blog with content you don’t write in order to make money make your first goal is to help the reader and provide new benefits through your article.

Steps To Write Quality Content

1. Get ideas to create content
Have you tried using paper and a pen! Take your notes and ideas, and determine the purpose behind writing this content.
Put the sub-ideas that you will discuss in your blog, ideas here mean keywords and sub-keywords, these tools can help you get more ideas and words to build content:
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Tool
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Write a good article and great content that needs to be calm and provide yourself with a quiet place, put your phone in silent mode do not distract your thinking, create good content that requires focus.
2. Heading
The title is the visitor’s first impression of your article, which is the first thing a visitor sees from the content of your page, give yourself more time to choose the title.
You can write down every title that comes to your mind to get to the best title of your article, don’t think about search engines, think about your site visitor.
I am confident that you are stronger than that and you will find the most appropriate title when you finish writing the article make the title the last thing you write in the article and without any new idea of the title on a paper.
You can also see the titles of the competitors and study them to come up with another title that will have an impact on your target audience.
You can also take your friends’ opinions at the title and listen to them!
3. Subheadings
Sub-titles are not just for search and ranking keywords in Google!
Make it special and attractive if you write titles to attract the reader will bring more stay and time on your site, which will thus bring you a user experience and a good impression of the visitor. That’s what Google is looking for.
Writing subheadings is a process that needs to invest more time to think about them well. Make sure your subheadings are great and attract the reader to spend more time reading.
In addition to the importance of a good title, You also need well-organized and attractively coordinated subheadings as we agreed before.
4. Fake Content
What makes me trust you if you’re providing false content? Are you looking for the bottom in search engines?
Provide real content do not try to lie or deceive the visitor do not lose the confidence of your visitor.
If you write an article, you should make sure that the information you provide to your visitor and what value is added from your article is new!
The new can be a great style of writing and giving the idea more easily than others!
Credibility in the content will give you the trust of the visitor and the trust of search engines!
5. Be careful to write long paragraphs
Yes, you can write great and unique content, but your use of long sentences may quickly get bored and desperate to finish the article in a short time.
Even if the article is great, when you see long sentences, you won’t let the visitor complete the reading!
Abydos SEO advice: Don’t make a single sentence longer than 45 words and start a new line.
Studies have confirmed that the online reader feels hopeless and loses focus if the sentences are longer than 35 words!
6. Keep it simplicity
Simplicity in your style will bring you more visitors and more followers to stay away from difficult and heavy words on the reader to be simple and clear.
I don’t mean that to you fall into Slang languages, But the simple and easy style must be Keep in explaining and giving the idea to the reader.
7. Keep your voice in the article
If the reader feels that you are talking to him through your article, he will like your content more and will want more reading.
I mentioned to you at the beginning of the article “Content Product” that Google is introducing to its customer the user of his search engine.
You sell a product to a customer (product – information – idea) imagine that you are talking to this person face to face to sell your product to him or you are explaining and giving an idea to an important person. You make money if you do it better!
Writing the content gives you the opportunity that you can review your conversation with the client more than once! Take this opportunity very well.
Talk directly to the visitor, you only talk to this person!
Ask questions and expect their answers and questions and answer them
Use the right actions and the right way to consider yourself talking to someone sitting with you.
8. Think as a Google search engine user
Visitors find content online through many different sources such as social networks and email notifications as well as through search engines such as Google.
So you should think about the search terms your audience uses to search for the content of your article, think carefully, and position yourself as your target audience! How are you going to think?
Be sure to include these phrases in titles and subheadings and make them in the context of your conversation that you do not repeat when writing the content for no reason not to let your visitor get bored.
9. Stir controversy
Today there is a large segment of visitors who seek to discuss and argue with you.
If you have the ability to stir up controversy within your article, why don’t you stir up controversy in your topics and ask a direct question in the last paragraph of your article to the visitor!
10. Review the Content
Did you write your article? Do not use the publishing button after you have finished writing the content, you must read the article again it is possible to add a new paragraph, correct an error or simplify it further.
If you think I’m a good content writer, it may be because I review the article several times before it’s shown to you, and every time I edit and add, not to mention the number of spelling errors I find.
If you’re frustrated and bored, readers will notice, so if you’re bored, save your article as a draft and don’t complete the article now.
If your mind stops finding more ideas to write, reread your article again and you’ll add the new one and you’ll edit.
Review these points:
Did you write good titles or is there better?
Are the paragraphs long? Cut them into short paragraphs and sentences to be organized and coordinated.
Is the idea clear and structured?
Have you provided content better than competitors?
Remember that your first goal is to help the visitor, so make sure you present your article better.
Did you use some pictures in your content? Did you put the description and Alt-Tag?
Abydos SEO
If you have any problem writing the world or have any questions, feel free to contact Abydos SEO for help effectively!
There are some sources that may help you write high-quality content that I advise you to see:

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